“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”-


At RDPS educational plan assumes a vital part as we at RDPS accept that learning isn’t just about instructing, books, and exercises however significantly more than that.

At RDPS the accentuation is more on the general advancement of the kid, as we comprehend that tutoring is the time in the existence of each youngster, which impacts their future.
To do this, the making of elite framework offices and a good climate is a sine qua non for any kid to learn scholastics as well as exercises of life, character, morals, and qualities. At RDPS we confer every one of these characteristics in the kids with the goal that they arise as mindful people. 

RDPS has an educational plan that is incorporated. The educational plan is idea situated instead of test arranged. At RDPS the educational plan is planned keeping in see the general advancement of a youngster. The study hall is the operational hub of the exercises that are embraced in molding and preparing the heads of tomorrow. The coordinated educational program focuses on the scholastics as well as on the subjective improvement of each individual kid.

* Well equipped Classrooms & Library.
* We have Highly Qualified, Experienced & dedicated faculty.
* Classrooms equipped with Smart Boards having latest modules.
* Career guidance & counselling facilities.
* Regular Aptitude Tests & workshops for students.

Our solidarity/strength lies in our capacity to keep up the culmination of our projects, offering interesting and significant choices to every single individual and giving an approach to assess every understudy’s figuring out how to guarantee that we as a whole proceed to develop and we remain totally responsible to our local area.

  • Boarding & Day Boarding.
  • Sports Facilities & Excursions & Educational Tours.
  • Transport Facilities.
  • Medical Support.
  • Enhancing passion through Co-curricular Activities.

When it comes to stream, students can easily choose Arts stream: it includes various of subjects for the emerging students at RDPS. The educational plan is idea situated instead of test arranged. Also it’s planned keeping in see the general advancement of a student.

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