Our mission

Our Mission is to instruct our kids not only to live, yet to carry on with a superior life. Kids under our consideration should focus on the alleged unthinkable, and fabricate a solid resolve which would give them the solidarity to accomplish it. Despite the fact that scholarly world structures the substance of every one of our tasks each kid is guaranteed a total schooling which involves some capability in the fields of sports, culture and fundamental abilities.

-> We give abundant freedoms to assist kids with satisfying their social and   brandishing potential.
-> We try to teach taking all things together with our youngsters the afflictions of self-restraint, confidence, morals, resistance, and regard for individuals from assorted social, financial, social, and strict foundations.
-> We empower an enquiring mind and the energy to learn and find out about our general surroundings.
-> We sharpen fearlessness, self-conviction, and self-acknowledgment.

Our emphasis is on building a world without boundaries

mission & Values

Master Swami Vivekananda said, “Schooling isn’t the measure of data that is placed into your psyche and goes crazy there, undigested all through your life” – Education, as we picture it, needs to assume a reactant part where it empowers a student to seek after and find the men, the matter and the materials, their unique circumstance, their pertinence, their utility.

Ranidanga DPS
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